What we do

Strengthening companies

Incentives, industrial restructuring projects, innovation support: our Agency is engaged on several fronts with the aim of helping to develop companies. Law 181/89, fostering innovative investments, through to the support for social enterprises: there are the measures overseen by Invitalia.

Reviving Industrial Areas: With the incentives of Law 181/89, Invitalia supports the revitalisation of areas affected by industrial sector crises, with the aim of creating new jobs.

Innovative Productive Investment: Invitalia oversees incentives for innovative productive investments in specific areas of the country, with the aim of reviving areas affected by industrial crisis.

Incubator Network Fund: This incentive is targeted at micro and small businesses that have already established or that want to join Invitalia’s incubator network.

Energy Efficiency: This incentive is to improve the competitiveness of businesses located in the regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily, with the aim to reduce and rationalise the use of energy in processing cycles within existing production units.