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Italy, an attractive investment pool
Why Invest in Italy

Why invest in Italy




A rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle and strategic geographical location in Europe have made Italy a top-rated choice for foreign investors. In 2022, Italy's attractiveness ranked 7th among the top 25 Economies in the World.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy's economy proved remarkably resilient in bouncing back to near pre-COVID levels of production. This achievement shows Italy's ability to recover quickly from any economic crisis and maintain stability in the long run.

Launching the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) has further increased Italy's investment potential for foreign investors.

The NRRP is a comprehensive plan to modernise and transform the Italian economy, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and digitisation.

It envisages significant investments in digital economy, infrastructure, and renewable energy, thus providing solid foundations for future growth.

Italy's promising economic recovery and the launch of the NRRP lay down unprecedented opportunities for foreign investors.

The country's strategic location, rich cultural heritage, and solid commitment to innovation and sustainability make it the best and wisest choice for those seeking stable and profitable investment opportunities.



A strong industrial base

Italy's manufacturing expertise offers chances for developing different business sectors and value chains.

Talent pool

Italy ranks 3rd among OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) for MA graduates in Engineering and Engineering trades.

Innovation Ecosystem

The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and several research institutes and Universities provide an excellent platform to collaborate and co-design innovative solutions.

Incentives and Fiscal benefits

Foreign investors can access generous incentives and fiscal benefits, from Industry 4.0 to large-scale industrial projects to R&D activities.  

Government Commitment

The Italian Government is committed to boosting its strategic national industries.

A dedicated team is available to support your businesses through important investment programs such as the IPCEI programme (Important Projects of Common European Interest), its groundbreaking NRRP, and several workforce training activities.