What we do

Invitalia supports government bodies in the development and implementation of EU programmes through extensive and integrated technical support services.

EU programmes

The role:

  • provides support for proper and effective management of Programmes co-financed with structural and EU funds
  • fosters the simplification and digitalisation of implementation procedures, by using IT tools designed to upgrade and speed up administrative procedures


Activities managed:

  • technical assistance to manage EU Programmes
  • digitalisation of administrative procedures and computerised management of aids to enterprises


European Funds

Invitalia works with central and regional public authorities to implement Programmes co-financed by the European Union with the aim of:

  • supporting in the management of funds to improve spending performance
  • strengthening administrative capacity by simplifying processes and digitalising procedures

Invitalia operates as a partner of the Directorates of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy and other institutions to offer professional skills through all stages of the European programming:

  • drafting and developing Programmes
  • designing and implementing actions
  • monitoring, controlling and certifying expenditure

providing IT tools to speed up the administrative processes, as well as the link between the national and EU public databases