What we do

We support local governments that set out to innovate themselves and others.

Local development

Invitalia is working with both national institutions and local authorities with the aim of:

  • facilitating the planning and implementation of development and cohesion policies
  • restoring competitiveness in strategic sectors and territories
  • improving the cultural offering, especially in the South of Italy
  • disseminating innovation in Public Administration
  • creating collaborations between businesses and research
  • increasing the quality of local public services
  • carrying out rail and road infrastructure in the South of Italy


Managing Public Procurement: Invitalia is the Contracting Authority and Central Purchasing Body for the award of public contracts.

Environment: Museums, historic buildings, parks, large public buildings - Invitalia works to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment, including remediating illegal landfills.

Development and Cohesion: Invitalia supports Public Administration in developing local cohesion policies for the management of special programmes and actions; acts as manager of Institutional Development Contracts.

Local Public Services: Invitalia backs the local governments of Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily to promote the reform and efficiency of local public services.

Innovation: Invitalia supports local development and competitiveness by promoting and managing programmes and actions aimed at enhancing and disseminating research, technological development, and innovation.

Administrative Reorganisation: Invitalia works alongside local government towards administrative innovation and effective management of public services.

Revitalising the Aquila Crater: Invitalia is committed to fostering economic recovery and employment in the 57 towns of the Abruzzo region most affected by the 2009 earthquake.

Enhancing Cultural Heritage: Invitalia supports local economic and social growth by enhancing cultural heritage, nature, and landscape.