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A new country is ready to start with Italia Domani, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

Italia Domani will build a valuable legacy for future generations to achieve more robust, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Italia Domani is part of Next Generation EU, an economic recovery package to support the EU member states recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Recovery and Resilience Facility provided Italy with a +EUR 200 billion euro plan to boost the economy in the next five years. The recovery and resilience action, as outlined in the Plan, revolves around objectives and interventions along the three shared European strategic axes and six specific missions as described below:

  1. Digitisation, Innovation, Competitiveness, Culture. 
    Promoting the country's digital transformation, supporting innovation in the production system and investing in tourism and culture, which are two critical sectors in Italy.
  1. Green Revolution and Ecological Transition.
    Improving sustainability and resilience within the economic system and ensuring a fair and inclusive environmental transition.
  1. Infrastructure for Sustainable Mobility.
    Developing a modern, sustainable transport infrastructure extended to all areas of the country.
  1. Education and Research.
    Strengthening the education system, digital and technical-scientific skills, research and technology transfer.
  1. Inclusion and Cohesion.
    Improving access to the labour market through training, stronger active labour market policies and enhanced social inclusion.
  1. Health
    Strengthening local prevention and health services, modernising and digitising the health system and ensuring equal access to care.

The Plan also includes an ambitious set of reforms to ensure its implementation and, more generally, contribute to the country's modernisation and create a favourable economic environment for business growth (*).


(*) source: Ministry of Economy and Finance