Doing business in Italy

A team of experts for one-on-one assistance

Our Team

Invitalia provides foreign investors with customised services through a dedicated division, Inward Investment.

Inward Investment’s approach is fully customer-oriented and is CRM-based.

We consider foreign companies as our “clients”, stimulating new investment and taking care of our customers during and after the settlement process in Italy.

This model allows us to be close to the needs of foreign companies during the entire project development process and to establish a relationship built on a mutual trust.

Sharing strategies and implementation programs are fundamental to guaranteeing the smoothest possible entry into the Italian market for the investor.

Our strategic support is provided by, in terms of one-on-one assistance, an appointed key-accounts who is in charge of going through the project together with the company and the entire team.

Our skills cover a broad range of activities in various areas, such as:

  • action planning, to define the needed steps to reach the investment’s goal
  • financial modelling, to define a tailor-made financial plan in line with the goal to gain access to public incentives
  • industry sector expertise, grounded in the identification of key issues that our “clients” will face
  • relationship building and managing, to allow investors take advantage of our public and private networks
  • cultural mediation, to align different approaches to business, interpersonal communication, and legal system

Our working languages are English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.