Doing business in Italy

Free of charge and confidential services to foreign investors

Our services

Our mission is to offer a single and reliable point of reference to current and new investors seeking to set up or expand their business in Italy.

We offer a wide range of tailored-made, free of charge and confidential services to foreign investors.

Pre-investment information

A comprehensive and reliable service aimed at providing the foreign company with a package of information that is essential for transforming the business idea into a practical project.


Market and business environment

“Sistema Italia" (regional and national data on the social and economic context)

Target sectors

Sector opportunities and perspectives in Italy and abroad; competitive dynamics and key stakeholders

Aspects of the tax and legal system, and labour market

Main aspects of the Italian legislative system, with a focus on fiscal, tax, and employment law

Incentive programme framework

General overview on investment incentives available in Italy managed by the Agency, the European Community, and by the Regions or Provinces

Italy's competitive advantages

National supply of logistic infrastructures, transport systems, and competitive advantages in various areas

Project feasibility

Preliminary evaluation of the business idea: technical, financial and market feasibility, and bureaucratic procedures



Business set-up

We assist foreign companies in effectively researching the best solutions to meet the project requirements, supporting them in the search for local opportunities and national partners, both in the company startup phase and in the employment plan, while constantly ensuring a collaborative and structured relationship with government bodies.

Location scouting & site visit

Research opportunities for and selection of location; site visits and support during the evaluation process


Manage all relevant permits that may involve local authorities

Permits for foreign investors

Assist with the procedures to obtain permits (Article 27 of the Consolidated Act on Immigration)

Human Resources

Maintain relationships with recruitment agencies and local placement agencies

Liaison with Public Administration

Cooperate and network with local authorities with the aim to cut red tape and advocate for policies in favour of foreign investors

Advisory and financial exploration

Support in the selection of and application for available financial tools

Foreign investors exploration (joint venture / partnership)

Assist in finding a foreign investor with the intent to create a joint venture or partnership, or to directly acquire the proposed project



After care

Invitalia follows the company very carefully, based on a tailored customer care plan.
Assistance: constant monitoring
Compliance with commitments: discussing the results
A single point of contact: between all those involved in the project
Speed: prompt responses to queries


Services for foreign businesses in crisis

  • Relationship building at the local level
  • Engaging the institutional support network centrally, rather than relocating or closing production
  • Assistance in managing relationships with the network of banks
  • Business Intelligence Services for alternative strategic repositioning choices other than closure or relocation
  • Seeking out national and international industrial partners

After care

  • Support in expansion of projects
  • Information on strategic initiatives at national and regional level
  • Assist with market analyses
  • Access to diplomatic networks
  • Support in supplier relationships
  • Surveys dedicated to settled investors
  • Recruitment and skills training support
  • Cultural mediation
  • Initial legal services for any disputes