Development Contract at a glance

The Development Contract

Invitalia manages, on behalf of the Government, the Development Contract, from the definition of the project and the evaluation process to the execution of the procedures.

 Investment minimum limit

  • Min. EUR 20M for industry (EUR 7.5M for the agro-food industry)
  • Min. EUR 20M for tourism
  • Min. EUR 20M for environmental protection

      Incentives type    

  • Grant and soft loan towards capital investment and towards research and experimental development investment   


Financial Package Highlights


The financial aid is paid by Invitalia in a maximum of five instalments directly to company, following the presentation of documents regarding investment costs. Beneficiaries will not be required to return the amount received


The financial aid is paid by Invitalia together with the capital grant. Beneficiaries have to return the received amount in the next 10 years (beneficiaries will receive a lower-than-market interest rate on loans paid by Invitalia)


Financial aids are granted in accordance with the EU limits and requirements and are provided in the form of capital grants or soft loans, as well as combinations of the two. In this last case, the amount granted as capital grants will be lower. 

In any case, subsidised companies must provide a financial contribution of at least 25% of the eligible costs.

Eligible expenditure: investment projects

  • Purchasing land and conservation operations
  • Building works
  • Company specific infrastructure
  • Plant, machinery and equipment (only factory-new)
  • Information technology equipment
  • Patents, licenses and know-how


Eligible expenditure: R&D projects

  • Personnel costs (researchers, technicians and other supporting staff employed in the research project)
  • Costs of tools and equipment, for the purposes and period of the research project
  • Costs of contractual research, technical knowledge and patents bought or licensed from outside sources at market prices; costs of consultancy and equivalent services used exclusively for the research activity
  • Additional overheads incurred directly as a result of the research project
  • Other operating costs, including costs of materials, supplies and similar products incurred directly as a result of the research activity