Planned actions: remediation, business promotion, new employment


Industrial redevelopment and environmental restoration

The industrial zone of ​​Trieste has been deemed “a complex industrial crisis area” given its issues related to iron and steel working, the redevelopment of industrial and port activities, and environmental restoration.

The iron and steel crisis has mainly affected the Lucchini Group, which has been under Extraordinary Administration since December 2012. It had around 3,000 employees, 472 of whom worked in Trieste’s former Italsider complex.

On 30 January 2014, the Programme Agreement was signed “to govern the redevelopment of industrial and port activities, and the environmental restoration of the complex industrial crisis area of Trieste” between: Ministry of Economic Development; Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea; Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; Ministry for Territorial Cohesion; Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; Province of Trieste; Municipality of Trieste; Port Authority of Trieste; Invitalia.

The Agreement includes the implementation of two projects:

  1. Integrated project to secure and re-industrialise the iron and steel complex
  2. Conversion Project and Industrial redevelopment of the complex industrial crisis area (PRRI)

Following the purchase of the former Lucchini complex by the Arvedi Group, the First Project was launched through the Programme Agreement of 21 November 2014.

Invitalia manages the environmental restoration projects also through the subsidiary Invitalia Attività Produttive. Moreover, it is developing and implementing the Conversion Project, which is still being established.