16.1 million euro is available


Redevelopment and conversion project

In the province of Rieti, in recent years there has been a succession of corporate crises involving some of the most important local manufacturers, and jeopardising the balance of employment. Part of Rieti’s local labour system has therefore been deemed a complex industrial crisis area.

With the Programme Agreement of 17 December 2014, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Lazio Region, and the Province and Municipality of Rieti are committed to implementing the Conversion Project and Industrial Redevelopment of the area (PRRI) set out by Invitalia.

The Agreement includes the use of public resources amounting to a total of 16.1 million euro.

The Project is managed by Invitalia and identifies:

  • available production areas
  • incentives for production investment
  • active labour policies
  • information services

The crisis area of ​​Rieti covers 44 Municipalities.