101 million euro has been allocated


Support for the upholstered furniture industry

The upholstered furniture manufacturing district of Murgia has long been hit by an industrial and employment crisis mainly due to strong competition on the international market.

In order to tackle and overcome the crisis, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Puglia Region and the Basilicata Region have formalised a Programme Agreement allocating a total of 101 million euro to:

  • safeguard and reinforce companies in the upholstered furniture sector
  • attract new business initiatives
  • rehire workers laid off from the production industry

The area concerned, between the provinces of Matera, Bari and Taranto, covers 13 towns:

  • Ferrandina, Matera, Montescaglioso and Pisticci (Province of Matera)
  • Altamura, Cassano delle Murge, Gioia del Colle, Gravina in Puglia, Modugno, Poggiorsini, Santeramo in Colle (Province of Bari)
  • Ginosa and Laterza (Province of Taranto)

The programme system consists of:

Investment benefits

  • Development Contract: worth 20 million euro
  • Incentives for Innovation: with a budget of 20 million euros
  • Basilicata Region innovative investment incentives: 21 million euro has been allocated
  • Puglia Region innovative investment incentives: including further investment benefits managed by the Puglia Region

Aid for rehiring workers
The incentives are especially aimed at reintroducing workers who were laid off from the upholstered furniture industry

Information services
The regions of Puglia and Basilicata provide a guidance service