81 million euro has been allocated



Antonio Merloni SpA, is a leading company in the household appliance manufacturing sector, and has been under special administration since 2008. The crisis has affected all companies in the Group, comprising around 3,000 employees and 73 towns in the Marche and Umbria regions.

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Marche Region, the Umbria Region, and Invitalia have signed a Programme Agreement to implement the crisis area development Plan, using public funding amounting to 81 million euro (35 million national, 46 million regional).

The Plan promotes:

  • attracting new manufacturing investments in the area
  • developing and upgrading existing businesses
  • rehiring employees of the former A. Merloni SpA.


For this purpose, have been made available:

  • investment and employment incentives
  • guidance and information services on opportunities for investment and reintegration into the labour market
  • financial support from the local credit system


The duration of the Programme Agreement has recently been extended to 19 March 2017.

The Agreement is currently being reestablished to incorporate the new aspects to be introduced into the national instrumentation (Law 181/89).