The development


The company participated in the Machinery Announcement managed by the Ministry of Economic Development with the technical support of Invitalia
Mondial Granit

Mondial Granit, hi-tech manufacturing for marble

Raising business productivity by 20%, improving the final product quality, reducing lead times, and boosting competitiveness in foreign markets.

These are the main achievements of Mondial Granit – a Sicilian company manufacturing marble, stone and granite – thanks to the funding of the Machinery Announcement (“Innovative Investments” Decree) managed by the Ministry of Economic Development with Invitalia’s technical support including on the implementation of an IT platform.

In 2013, Mondial Granit submitted a project to expand the production capacity of the site in Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa), which covers an area of ​​220 thousand square metres, and received a subsidised loan of 1.1 million euro.

Over the years, the company has contributed to the local development of Ragusa and, thanks to the investment facility, it has introduced new high-tech machinery and has automated the production process stages relating to the positioning, handling and fitting of the cut marble-granite plates in the machinery. In particular, the multi-purpose resin line and marble processing line have been expanded and reinforced using a dedicated system.

The company currently employs 61 employees and turnover in the past two years has increased by 15%. Therefore, Mondial Granit’s participation in the Machinery Announcement has definitely produced positive results, reflected both in terms of increased employment (there were 53 employees in 2013) and in terms of increased productivity, turnover and profitability.