The development


The Major Pompeii Project is a government initiative to enhance the archaeological area with maintenance and restoration activities.

A major project for Pompeii

The Major Pompeii Project is an Italian government initiative to protect and promote the archaeological area through a maintenance and restoration programme, redeveloping the way it is used.

Approved by the European Commission and funded as Major EU Project, the project introduces and applies the “planned preservation” method, i.e. a dynamic system to monitor the archaeological site whereby the planning, design and implementation of actions occurs in a continuous process of assessment/planning and execution.

Invitalia was asked to support the government bodies involved, both in the project development and update stage, and in the tender document preparation stage, to implement the actions set out by the 5 Plans of the Major Pompeii Project.

The role played by Invitaliasince February 2012 – as set out in the Institutional Agreement of 6 October 2011 between the Minister for Heritage and Culture and the Minister for relations with the regions and territorial cohesion for the implementation of the Operational Pompeii Project 2011- 2015 for the protection and enhancement of the archaeological site of Pompeii – consists of providing support to the central government and technical and operational bodies and structures involved in implementing the Major Pompeii Project, establishing models, tools and procedures to speed up and develop the schemes planned, as well as ongoing action to reinforce the management, organisational, operational, technical and professional skills of the departments of the Special Superintendence for Pompeii, Ercolano and Stabia.

The technical and operational assistance to establish, develop, finalise and implement the Major Pompeii Project carried out by Invitalia – with the support of Invitalia Attività Produttive SpA and a local unit in Pompeii – includes: executive planning of the actions set out by the Project Plans; finalising the procedures needed to launch and run an e-procurement platform to manage calls for tender; supporting the project development of new works; planning cross-cutting activities to improve the environmental conditions and usability of the archaeological area; supporting the execution of works; and supporting the monitoring activities of the Major Pompeii Project. Lastly, on 23 December 2014, an Agreement was signed to join the “project system” agreement for the Agency to serve as the Purchasing Body to award public works contracts relating to the implementation of 10 measures of the Major Pompeii Project.

Thanks also to Invitalia’s contribution, in May 2015, the tenders were published for all 105 million euro, and work began (including services and supplies) worth 57 million euro.

More results and information on the Major Project can be found at the website