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The new development contract has been signed to speed up the construction of ultra-wideband networks in Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily.
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Invitalia-Telecom Italia-Italtel: 71 million for ultra-wideband

Invitalia, Telecom Italia and Italtel have signed a Development Contract worth a total of 71 million euro to accelerate the development of ultra-wideband networks and promote the use of innovative services in Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. The investment also includes a research and experimental development programme to design and make software products for the ultra-wideband networks in the Italtel industrial site in Carini (Palermo).

 Telecom Italia’s investment amounts to 48 million euro and is aimed at extending the existing network in the four regions involved to achieve an ultra-wideband network infrastructure by developing the LTE mobile network and next generation FTTC and FTTH network.

Italtel’s investment is worth 23 million euro, including: 1.7 million to expand the Carini site in Palermo, which will develop new software products for network virtualisation based on Cloud Computing, and 21.3 million to design and develop software products for ultra-wideband networks (more specifically, for the levels of onboard network, service and virtualisation).

The plan put forward by Telecom Italia and Italtel is funded by Invitalia with 22 million euro, with 14.4 million going to Telecom Italia and 7.6 million to Italtel.