Social responsibility

The Agency shares its business objectives and achievements with its stakeholders, encouraging an ongoing relationship based on trust and collaboration


Invitalia’s Stakeholders are:

  • Shareholders. Invitalia’s sole shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which exercises its rights in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The latter also carries out guidance and monitoring of the company.
  • The national economic system
    • Businesses or Business Systems: organisations of people and goods aiming to produce goods and services for the market, and turn a profit.
    • Public Administration: the set of Organisations and related bodies and offices that perform administrative activities in protection of the public interest.
    • Territories: the set of infrastructure, goods, public services and communities that inhabit them.
    • Foreign investors: economic operators not belonging to the national system, but which invest in developing the Italian Economic System.
  • Human resources: those committed to providing intellectual or manual work, through a contract, in return for remuneration and under the employer’s supervision.
  • Environment: set of natural elements and factors/external resources, surrounding an organism and affecting its life (energy and water use, etc.).
  • Suppliers: individuals, roles or organisations that supply products and/or services to Invitalia.


The stakeholders are kept informed about Invitalia’s business in various ways: 

  • Traditional media - News agencies, newspapers, radio, TV
  • New media - Websites, newsletters, social networks
  • Local initiatives - Initiatives on corporate culture, environmental impact, social responsibility