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Pre-Investment information

Pre-Investment information encompasses a set of preliminary information apt to understand the overall quality and cost of doing business in Italy.

  • Market and business environment- regional and national data on social and economic context
  • Target sector- sector opportunities and perspectives in Italy and abroad, competitive dynamics and main players
  • Aspects of tax system, legal system, fiscal system, labor market- main aspects of Italian legislative system, with focus on fiscal, tax and employment law
  • Incentives programs framework - general overview on investment incentives available in Italy managed by the Agency, by the European Community and by Regional or Provincial Authorities
  • Living and working in Italy - general overview on living and working in Italy, the national education system, research and development, the availability of professional know how
  • Italy's competitive advantages - national supply of logistic infrastructures, transport systems, the competitive advantages of different areas
  • Project feasibility - preliminary evaluation of the business idea: technical, financial and market feasibility, bureaucratic procedures.


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