The development


The investment aims to boost the production capacity and competitiveness of the site in Caivano (Naples)

Invitalia-Unilever, Development Contract worth 35 million in Campania

Now underway is the Development Contract between Invitalia, the National Agency for inward investment promotion and enterprise development, and Unilever, one of the leading companies worldwide of consumer goods, owning some of the best known brands in the food, personal care and home sector, including: Algida, Knorr, Coccolino, Mentadent, Dove, Fissan, Lysoform and many more.

The agreement – worth an investment of 35 million euro in Campania, in the Caivano site (Naples) – was signed today by Domenico Arcuri, CEO of Invitalia, and Pierluigi Orlandi, representing Unilever Manufacturing.

The development programme presented by the British-Dutch company will be completed by the end of 2014 and aims to boost the production capacity of the Caivano site, where Algida ice cream is produced, a market leader in Italy.

The investment, targeted primarily at innovating the facilities and equipment, will enable a strong injection of advanced industrial technology to improve and increase the factory’s production capacity. This will boost the competitiveness of the production site and will benefit the image and reputation of the entire industrial area of the Campania region. Invitalia will provide subsidies worth around 10.2 million euro in the form of a grant toward investments.

Unilever stated: “This investment will allow us to increase the production capacity of the factory in Caivano, which is, in terms of importance, the number 2 Unilever ice cream factory in Europe and the world. This decision confirms and reinforces Unilever’s intention to continue investing in ice cream and in Italy”.

For the CEO of Invitalia Domenico Arcuri, “this development contract is proof that if there are effective financing measures in place and a functional public administration, many clichés can be debunked, including that foreign investors are fleeing from Italy and, in particular, from Southern Italy. In this case, we have a multinational that is now investing – in a region that is particularly in crisis – around 25 million euro to expand, while introducing new technology, the production of the Caivano site”.

The agreement signed today is the 3rd Development Contract of 2013 located in Campania. The first two involved the provinces of Avellino (EMA-Rolls Royce) and Salerno (Di Mauro Officine Grafiche). Altogether, the three contracts have generated investments exceeding 100 million euro.

The Development Contract – the new instrument which has replaced the programme and localisation contracts – is funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, with contributions from the Regions involved in the investment projects. Invitalia is the single actuator of the scheme, receiving and assessing the applications and managing the resources available.