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Construction of a new power plant fueled by biomass

Invitalia-Enterra Development Contract: 48 million invested in Puglia and 130 jobs

Invitalia and Enterra – a French subsidiary company operating in the energy sector – have signed a Development Contract worth over 48 million euro to construct a new power plant fueled by biomass in Puglia.

The initiative will create 130 new jobs including direct recruitments and sector operators.

The agreement was signed in Rome today by Domenico Arcuri, CEO of Invitalia, and Jacques Levy, CEO of Enterra.

“Today’s agreement”, said Domenico Arcuri, “kicks off a new manufacturing investment in Southern Italy by a foreign company which, thanks to the Development Contract managed by our Agency, can benefit from reduced timeframes and simplified procedures. The project is doubly beneficial since it generates new jobs and has a positive environmental impact. The agreement with Enterra confirms that investing in Southern Italy is becoming both possible and affordable if entrepreneurs find concrete rules and reliable partners”.

Jacques Levy stated: “We are delighted to sign the financing agreement with Invitalia on Enterra’s industrial initiative. The new investment will develop a disused industrial zone in a disadvantaged area which, in recent years, has seen the closure of too many companies. Lastly, we are sure of the positive impact that investment will have on both direct and indirect employment. The infrastructure built will undoubtedly be useful for the whole agro-industrial sector of Northern Puglia”.

The power plant will be built in Foggia (Rignano Scalo), in the disused industrial area called the “former Eridania sugar factory”, which will be reconverted and revived.

The plant will be powered by biomass from the agro-forestry and agro-industrial sector and will generate electricity with a nominal power of 13 MWe.

The project will be funded by Enterra with around 22.52 million euro and by Invitalia with 26.34 million through the subsidies of the Development Contract. The total investment will exceed 65 million euro.

The agreement signed today is the 6th Development Contract signed by Invitalia. The 5 previous agreements – including 3 with major multinationals – were signed in Campania and Sicily, with investments worth around 214 million euro in the aeronautical, food, and telecommunications sectors.