The development


The investment will be used to expand the production site in Scoppito (L’Aquila)

Pharmaceuticals: Invitalia and Sanofi sign a Development Contract worth 34.7 million

Invitalia and Sanofi have signed a development contract by which the French pharmaceutical company, with a strong presence in Italy, will invest 34.7 million euro into our country, compared to 4.3 million granted by the National Agency.

The agreement was signed in Rome today by Domenico Arcuri, CEO of Invitalia, and Giuliano Redaelli, Chief Financial Officer of Sanofi Italy.

The 34.7 million euro will be mainly allocated towards expanding the production site of Sanofi Scoppito, to purchase technological solutions and equipment that will make it possible to bring to the L’Aquila province productions that are currently performed elsewhere. A development programme will also be launched to introduce process and product innovations on a trial basis. The production site expansion project will be completed in June 2016.

Thanks to the development contract, which provides concrete timeframes and simplified procedures”, says Domenico Arcuri, CEO of Invitalia, “our Agency continues to support the competitiveness of businesses, especially in areas that have particular needs and sectors such as pharmaceuticals, which are strategic for the national economy”.

“We are very pleased to work with Invitalia”, adds Giuliano Redaelli, Director of Sanofi Italy, “tools such as the development contract help us to ensure the stability of our industrial sites through innovation, technology and new productions”.