Legal notice

Legal notice

Accessing and interacting with the Invitalia Group’s website implies tacit acceptance of the provisions set out in this legal notice.

General information
The website of Invitalia - “Agenzia Nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo” was made with a view towards an ongoing improvement of the services and communication with users, while respecting the principles of transparency in administrative actions.
This website provides information about the organisation of the Group, the facilitating measures managed by Invitalia, its documents, procedures to join the official list of suppliers, procurement, services offered, events, demonstrations and more.
Among other things, the website provides access to:

  • management services that make it possible to submit an application for assistance and monitor its progress
  • via certified e-mail.

Transparent administration 

This legal notice is drawn up in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Websites of Public Administration”, pursuant to Article 4 of Directive No. 8/2009 of the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, and are intended to inform users of any restrictions on the use of the contents of this website and external links.

The personal data may only be reused under the conditions laid down under the current law on reusing public data (Directive (EC) No. 2003/98 and Legislative Decree. 36/2006), in a way that is compatible with the purposes for which it was collected and stored, in compliance with the regulations on the protection of personal data. (See page Transparent Administration)

The content of this website, as well as the brand Invitalia, is protected, even criminally, by current copyright legislation and other regulations to protect intellectual property.
The copyright on text and/or other materials published on this website, are the exclusive property of Agenzia nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo d’impresa Spa and/or of the respective authors.
Reproduction of the contents of the website for commercial reasons or to otherwise gain profit is prohibited.
Any non-prohibited use of content, even partial, requires the source to be cited, provided that such use does not require any approval by Invitalia of the resulting work.
Partial quoting is allowed for news sections, reviews or scientific publications, provided it bears the author’s name and the source “Invitalia” followed by the URL

Invitalia informs you that, at any time, it may change any of its website’s content, without prior notice and without incurring any liability.
Invitalia does not guarantee that this website contains no errors, despite it taking steps to update its contents. Reported errors will be corrected.
Invitalia shall in no event be liable for any partial or total, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its website or other websites connected thereto by a hypertext link, including, without limitation, damages such as loss of profits or turnover, interruption of business or profession, loss of programs or other data stored on the user’s computer system or other system, and that even if the Invitalia had been expressly informed of the possibility of such damages.
With this clause, Invitalia does not intend to violate the provisions of current national legislation on liability.

Access to external websites linked to the Group
Invitalia does not assume any liability for the content of external websites that may be accessed via hypertext links on its website. The Invitalia Group’s website provides these links for the sole purpose of providing a service to users, by facilitating their online browsing.
The presence of links to external sites does not imply endorsement of their content by Invitalia.

The provisions of this legal notice are valid and must be observed by users including in relation to the materials downloaded from Invitalia’s website.
The content and documents downloaded from the website are available, unless otherwise stated. Nonetheless, users are invited to check the rights and conditions of use to exclude any related liability.

Computer viruses
Invitalia does not guarantee that its website contains no viruses, despite it having regularly updated antivirus systems.
Given the many ways that computer viruses can be transmitted and their rapid spread, Invitalia does not assume any liability for any damage caused by the transmission of undetected viruses.