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Italy has always been a renowned and appreciated tourist destination at world level, notably for its absolutely unique art cities and immense historic-cultural heritage, its quality offer within outstanding natural and landscape beauty sites, as well as shopping opportunities and wine-gastronomic tours.

In 2011 Italy’s tourist industry overall turnover was about € 136,1 billion, thus confirming as an ever expanding sector:

  • contributing to over 8,6% of GDP
  • employing over 1,1 million qualified workers
  • including more than 153.000 firms throughout Italy’s Regions


Key statistics - Italy
Travel & Tourism Revenue (EUR billion, 2011) 136.1
(8.6% of GDP)
Inbound Tourist Arrivals (million people 2011) 46.1
Inbound Tourism Receipts (EUR billion, 2011) 33.2
Hospitality Industry - number of  accomodation (units 2011) 153,729
Hotel industry - number of bed places (units 2011) 2,252,636
Hotel industry (hotels and restaurants) - number of employees (units 2010) 1,540,000

Sources: WTTC 2012 Italy Country Report, UNWTO 2012 Highlights, Italian Institute of Statistics, Confcommercio 


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