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Invitalia follows the company very carefully, based on a tailored customer care plan.

  Assistance: constant monitoring

  Compliance with commitments: discussing the results

  A single point of contact: between all those involved in the project

  Speed: prompt responses to queries

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Services for foreign businesses in crisis

  • Relation Building at local level
  • Engaging the institutional support netowork centrally, rather than relocating or closing down production
  • Assistance in managing relationships with the banking network
  • Business Intelligence Services for alternative strategic repositioning choices other than closure or relocation
  • Seeking out national and international industrial partners

After care

  • Support for expansion projects
  • Information on strategic initiatives at national and regional level
  • Assistance with market analyses
  • Networking through diplomatic networks
  • Support in relationships with suppliers
  • Surveys dedicated to settled investors
  • Recruitment, skills and training support
  • Cultural mediation
  • Initial orientation legal services for any disputes