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Italy, Country of the Art
Beautiful landscape
Historical places
Passion and Culture

Everyone who has a dream should go to Italy.
It does not matter if you think that the dream is dead and buried. In Italy, it will rise up and walk again.. Elizabeth Spencer


Invitalia, the national agency for investment promotion and enterprise development, is the one-stop partner for foreign investors who want to set up or expand their business in Italy. Through its staff, it provides information and strategic analysis to identify the best business solution, offering a deep study and up to date overview on the legal and tax system, the labor market and the national incentive system. Invitalia support services include comprehensive assistance in all stages of the investment process, to provide foreign investors with  the best solutions to meet the requirements of the project. The Agency also supports companies in the search and selection of local business opportunities, national partners, in the recruitment process, through  a stable and structured cooperation with  the Public Administration and the institutions involved at central and local levels.


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